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Weekly New Mexican from Santa Fe, New Mexico • 2

Weekly New Mexican from Santa Fe, New Mexico • 2

Santa Fe, New Mexico
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r.j' ablblcd at that fifsos, had bee M- UtaLsn vt UUXAat would lave here gire bin 'IToWyYMayr' tttily tht r- Kenrnay ha at lut toecivbd nmnlol punUlinuot. The juifi assessed hi 4 Jrrvm fkt-psily M- Tk'li funk ia towlnrV Whrnw Fais. such 4 most favorably impreu 11 Visitor so conduce to the health and anjoyment of us all, and oven astonish our own resident who would wonder why a thing ao jy od rim. ple had not been lhOghr ofnd tefttod- AlWJHlimrKUifi. and, Rphbetl On riflj IMIUra.

Miner Retreat" 0)000 amf om, ieluing many of th mast prominent eltisen of the county tUounsel for defendant made th 'usual motion f4 a now trial, which wu overruled. Th prisoner wu sentenotHl to he hung on April tie eubsequent-ly appealed to thy Supreme Court, whirii under Cur law' suspends sontence till next January." Vootet fetefcaa Pr( Mi fiteWv re Cmiii MUM. WE. H. MANDOriiLB, Vtf4 ArM'Lwi Mm44.

we. v. fewffife. s. Timmiv America against orota- Ku- terprlee.

terprlsc. The Count Da Leasep came here aa ilia repreaeatativ of tk foreign capitalist, with a' great fiourfoh of trumpet. uA reflect 5h ny one, regard tho jriTTa luusiltlSuuat. ak guoiST and imprrard jimple people with, tk. t-dv for plan that k.

wa. goi.g to mry out hi. (lf ftn, lrtr. idea of a Panama anal without delay. Hat tka Ppcairut first checked kia ardor ky re-affirnung (lie Mo roe doctrine of Amariean control TWfeorh of that Tkera will be religious servic at tk Kpiacopal Chapel this morning at leven o'clock, and at tka tame houVevrrv Kn to eombirotaimriUEg IfrV bo future onj fitoutj pourtmmd -ths folkiwiug wssAuraf u.

wortHytof pu-dy adoption qd prntopt it', Uf pm ft no do aouw-thing, gild mcn at Ho matter jb of (tllfer Ifevrty we nwtWoqlyeluaixapi front uf bifo own door, it wod4-drno fh -grtuj worfrimweitouly. Iri tboa ybo are the( too imliSureatqr tfW Iy todo theip e4u do it under the existing police laws of the givcg' day be for, riuwng lb street, tnd let erory -one Vumply gheafr fuXy qrlfh tba epjr dtj -v hjuf the puhlifr will our oj p-prarguori ereditsble to tho qogniry ad ounelvea. In regard to the aubjoyt of improviog roid Leaurifying the city with ab4 tree, row is th time. Smell true ia greet shuadsDce, f.d of the proper six xndi hardihood, ean be easily "'obtained fro the Kiu Grande or front-tbe mmulaint wear st hand, and if the utsttor be imuie distciy attended Io, cm im nily and sue-icasfully (raugjantefo snbaeription be gotten upt nLre little. He qh would roit he qiViqg to aatare, and Capt.

Jamea B. Kids followed thi, showing (he Congranaional Committee (hat De Lcoaepa aekeme wu im- practicable from engineering difficulties, antke enormous expeuae it would in-lde He then rend to ike committee a paper ia adrooacy ojf'bin plan of a akip Couuty Court railway He demonat rated that a auk-' aUatial aid durable aktp railway cal be t.kuilt fur kilf the coot of a canal with lucks, aid ope fourth that of caaal at tide leeelj that aurh a chip railway can be built ia i-lhird or oae-fourtk of the time for the construction of a eaaal that, when built, skips of tkc maiimam tonnage ten bo moved with safety nt four or ire times greater apoed thaa ia a canal; that greaterifeamher ef Teasels per day can ke tranepCwd. ky the railway than can pcaaibly ke true-ported by ike final, that the eaparity-of a skip railway can be easily inermakd to At (he demands of commegprfthat the 'atiil af 'maintenance ef the reed way end rolling Mock would be much lees than that of the canal, and that railway eaa ke eoaatnicted and dpigateA ia localities where it if sot practicable to construct a eanai He explained hie plnn by mean! ef drawings which showed pit of 3,000 fret long, ia which the milway ahould be Made into the harbor to the depth of thirty fee then showing the gradlf into which the ship ia to he fitted, Ini explaining hew the ship is to be kept in place in the cradle by blocks aix or ten fact apart thro showing the railway, eoaaisting of twelrn rails of tha ordina- ry width Ha elaimed that derailment wat impoesible oa gSrouat oF the nnm hereafter until Chw Juetio L. yesterday front to day for Cimarron, Clearj, Esq Leadtille bar, ia lacking rhitl winds and of that aiafal and will make Santa for man dara to come. A traveling electrician shock! for ton omit doew norm to helloing the kghlaiag fifteen oonto ooeming Tha MitohaH lidy fair aadieace yaaterday nighty will Serious ahould greet the Texae Pete" ia the greatest care, -and moct jealous caution Old Ifthe beia bestowed on Saturdays race will the element of excitement The faneral of lupe Ttfoy-will taka COUtl ment.

pf such great' unworthy tbeqrt Ja( trouq'U csnufully get (hem out in qaanutim saffirient to iro suru a goodly Busbar; Wvwmoctoi lust. Let thorn, bo wall smuul, and let gyigybodiytolt fr pride ia Icing vigil.nft.pad toeing thfetro htrtfov coma la. them, tngiq Utffe JV than, they wUl, iMrvsliU to, (riteCfereof 'i juur city fiUbgrPitafo r. additiunal expense or VfUlf1'l o' andshady ro sort thxoanhout the summer fur all. Bhara on tie, if wo riO-l promptly Jo the little naoesenry for gjr-iag the euterpria a bee -net are it to ready to carry -it thaooe forth.

1 witbiivtour iL 'Tie afeld symjj thst'i' what nexetyhody'shnsineu iafeobodya a 'thu vie aaidouar take 1 ihaoti giyro and ia Uib suobey loving and 1. money msiriag of lay prqjortmr cm. terprbe, ll too noumantp- arid shall ail humbag," Stair woo't pay.r, fiat here is sq iavvutcn thofeiritb tjveu. smallcat 'capital sad tttf make sovhrowtarw- ea iha mcst vnlhu jsrtiaqweabtor mety drasUcd -of, ss3 itrt biq toito, fof tho aonampltoh- V. nt.

pf such greet aggreipfte'pundStfr her of nils and the weight of the that there would be no oscillation or strait upon the ships, even ia heavy gala Hia plan has received the mne- tiuii of E. J. Reed, Chief Coastraetor if the Britiah Navy, John Roach, Ilea ly Loti town gaifo Vr tb bw negro waiter I frvq ch mao. The galWat-raterW ur chft ttieir griei4iice vWuiva'SQ Mrly oonridcration, and made he aubjeot of peeilmMy th President uying he could never Jorgrt their services to tho country in tho enm nf 1 1 Ifill, it i HjjH wd more than ten thotrsend darkeys who had dared to altempUto nil pruviatom uf lha revolutionary 15t wlpch bu, stuo, byvft wide. 'll i rf UP EE Eft I NO A PENTIPEEOLi SOCIETY.

It is understood that President Bay ard who is now engagedripon Ilia aecond mas aag to Cougrws, will lay great wires upo tba nanaaaity of tb eup raarivtt lit the secret radicst BrgsmxathiB known the U. A- V- and wh-aw oljccl iafy keep alive the memory of tba struggle in which radii-alUui achieved a temporary victory over tb new triuuiphantrwauae of Htol Right aod civibulioB. He will Ui recommend (haftlie several Utatc Lcgl- lstorea take action, looking to th demo- lition" of the soldicrt' monument, st their capitols, which now offend the hatriotfc eyes of our people in vuiliog VaekwC-land 4i PATINO BOITIIERN Cf-AIHa. The cooimiaaion, compoaed of Messrs. Lamar of MiiwiSAippi, Harris of Tenors-aee, and Herndon of Alabama, which has been receiving and' pssaing npon the claim of Bvutharn cttixcoa fur property takcq by the fovsdmg armic during the recent unholy hereabout pound lip-their tabora The entire xlaimv approved wa 47,461, and tho aggregate ot thu auais A Texas Amwhcr giant is growing up, and in training fur the show bosine.

Jack shield is a Texas fanu-buy, only eighteen yers old, and already seven fort in his stockings Last sqniiucr lie ran nil errems, but as hb could only get the position ef drive pegtwod pull up stakes' he soon got tired uf his first engagement in the show bus mess and returned to the farm linn null, who used- ip run with Barnum, heard of Jack Shields and maifo him an offer to come to his Brook lyn museum. The sum, tanked large to a farm-boy, spd he seoepted, (reqt to Brooklyn and enter into training for the giant btuineas. Hi trainer says he hu to bn watched clenrly, and little while laager on tba form would have spoijed him completely a He wu getting in' ih'f fisbit of stunpvng-tn talk to people aad spreading kia legs apart to lemeu hia'-fveight. Hs ii row required to stand arret, with hi chert out aad his hesd buek srni his fort well togethqr, aad it gkowing aattsfootorily-a Hi trainer es pacts ts make him the tallest man in tha giant buairou, and wiij be greatly disappointed it thi axis giant adou feat overtop eight feet before he sto(W That lifo is bag which wwtlife great end; th tree (bat heat no' fruit deserve no name; tbo man ot wisdom the man of i'Otrt. VAX 0 Shall 1'hsrasflcr darn "your stock i mid he tfcroTathlomble hm gutge for a young lady to use whan mak-iag a bap year proposal.

The French sun Who at tended a fox hunt was asked whqrc lb meet came off. Hsvmg-beeo he' grilled that it come off hi hnd oI knges. -It perhaps natural to conclude that Father Tiles rot bees use he fr Called Father, hut has as he fr to ofien taken by tb iumiuck. Jack, whit'relition to you fr that old gentleman I uw you wih thi morning?" Oh, not atnh; hr' minted my graodjarenls' only djqhtor," The maty frauds uf Ssjourdrr Tnuh row 104 year old, gave her.vd iante party her -eoUsg in Hauls GWkr Miehigwa, on tkn dvynlug (ofxhs id in. 'Stoat, 1 Th eld sin was -ih rtthot-bewftdered delight, raying tro a fritwd who cssve later Thty kept flood loHod fl audit' in tdl I jurt uyiq ltVhylilm ray'hrow; rhiTnm, whar.

ou snh did yw ill rpmeifrura, sad vken in jthe ostowai common -svntc trvvws boro go mop i 'tU Th uftta'bu 'directed hH accond son snfo(h ueond wife vff hi predeerswr. to calctetthe rfiikt of a frugiiocnt guard ot privatre. event vrlih. out picrtrieut lu Turley. our corned; 1 It fr aril-d a drop busHse" when tt gis duwn the boys go out fur drupuficumw.

jhing, custom handed -'duwn from th oqfs uf Shaketpraroe Mnyathua Jdi pendent. A man soled fors paa orer 'the fish timore and Ohio railroad the-wthcr dayL os the ground ths hb.sunl wua killed ou the road tome thirteatrytore 1 A than pf stuck in thc Frovldcnoe Nstmusl bank WMlnnifered fe faff fom ago, by an exocutol, after' remaining it ro name since 1795. Tho eld certificate qujterity. 4B 1 tfilj 1 ni ft tt tjf 'Me. to use kb column of youy thfpurpoilb of making sfe Jsrqci xppealQ the jh ot mating jsraraj xppralo the jn habitants of th (r fikfrnto St, fepote relycri bf great mtillty ad itpormnad.

tehte regard to. thi ifefrcVribleftdtodf bfrcrahlcftsfcdf gtreetfyifd ISe W' iToFraitne, elcanliiicas, order snd boautyT' Aix -V ft. Onfor frfesU to HHAcaVInS Cleanlidesxfriurely vetj'nfWiliTjikiu (o Ii A ft, tW tb? ffnnK fcre- her, aad rob interested thwwrifareof thn rity trhieh We toll hotrol, (j 'awaken iw a of ib 0 (rue stitte uf im whyfrj eng dan frferadyt rim erir I r-( ni frw tw Itfr.fe wsronl rcaurk, add- Indeed ft tld ktrLeb oir city' dcfually look dirty, if roi filthjr tbri dor rtreett aye pot chTocij luI at slu that evcryWy teems ieksyi Mpq-inlo a htatoof kthargj.andT jmjuienoo; whioh prereat thtal fro 'cfenjiaff the ufod -jo MS a i 1 The Heaver and Rio Grande railroad company have out posters calling for fir hand rad teams to freight ties along th Saa Jaan aaNaw Mexican ex-tenaieaa of thakrop Th price tries from oaa coot te one and a half for eaeh tie per mile, according to the diataaee probable that ettr governmeat will patro roJ- For freightsr. aiaa Americas aaterpria ia E. Biota, Coa.joe, Col 1 or Teaea Picdnu, N7 M.

Miaiag at a great depth is attended' by greater ditficalty na account of the heat the Secretary of tha Territory of Ari-thaa ia generally supposed Jk fifty feet sons ia on tnal for a violation of the re- ry Steer sad other eminent American engiaeerqp M. He Laaeep said he did ot like thg rajjwyy plan became 'ft had act boen tried, ft gu aot hie 'plaa. Rat Capt. Esdi eeSweito have the eoafidence th boiiiaaaO mo everywhere; and it ia atro- wwtioufrfy; hope hut hppeal Will oIm Jlsrcadied jesd- Jo( ft, such important rentlra 'TsV- i ii. -si.

fCihxxji a. 1 0) i. Th Ksteawi Dtepotqh Lin fr Mntqolbd by fiturh fr Cordsw- Jt trJ (VHy.,. fry tWrar load at Gordon i 'iw.

a. ftcqucpUJf hsveoccssioo to viyk JMwkVnMsrkvirort, 1 nasal (Lam 1 If. Lsil oilv'didj Tb. Fifteen- ruf he pf must hat foft early ye terdsy morning. Lieutoiaat-Coluaei Swam, 15t.h lafeatry, arrisod in Santa Fu yesterday Sunday nolxfr of a liuifr te re." r-m Bradford Prince returned Mora, and learca to ptwnde over the a member of tit refuge from the unwholesome alnioa-phere city ia New Meiiiat Ke kia abiding plaee ia dealing aft in 8aata Jj i.lf.

a very good bust-aaaa, that i nld for to ha" mre appre Hramaue C-ompaay per-formed Andley'a Beeret'r to a aftornnon, Tomorrow he-jtreaented A when a large attend-taee rising of the eur-teln being trained with watched with the by Hu guardian, same atteatiaa is thf Pecos hotsaett not be wyjtio in i fr" liuad- 8efiore Hoia place this mqrain ii Half peetvnine o'clock, from the Ijouse her dnhtr Hutj; acquainUn.e. of the f.mify I i Uw. The Territorial Secretary of Mexico, who violates tha laws of ignmimmr WHomt aormp amaptA saM is guilty (He still mere beioone offence of mur- daring 1 huge. the Qneene Ergliab, is still at Mr. F.

B. Ward, the discovered of tho new placer miaea, mentioned in the Niw Mixicknef the lTthfa brought in aome specimens six) obtrised rery eneeoragii aataT-result from the gravel ia both gold and silver. Although th discovery itself is of such recent date' there are already ten locations on th ground Mr. L. H.

Stevens, one of the trustee ef th Consolidated Batopila Silver Mining Company, arrived ia Scats yaaterday morning. snd left tha same day ou th Southern couch, on his way te the miace ef thi npny in Chihuahua Th four thooaaad figauda of machinery i fo these miaoa, whioh kat(tieen lying in the office of tb Adams Express Ce.j'for seme time, were seat out yretbrday by fact freight for Masille. Wms Reeervntln. Dr. beamie M.

Tbemas, Uuited iatae-Ageel for the Pachlsa left Saute Fe.last' uigh for Waahingtoa, with fr ef chiefs of the Jicarilla Apaches, whs has been sent fur by tb eretary ef the Interior to diseua way a gpth means ef providing them with a Ascrration tad borne. 'The name of thaw ehiafo are, Saa Fable, AugustitoJlnarito, Santiago! Largo and JuaaTduIian. They bar been firing at Tiarra AmarilU) bat hare become disse trailed, aad wish to bare aa-stped to thorn Und- which they eaa caff their own, attd npon which they can live disturbed. For the oeoaumautiea cf ihUUttoAorspitoL A Wanderer Return Genera) George" Jf. Cook, on of the oldcet resident of Santa Fe, and formerly Adjutant- General ofthe Territory, who ha for several yean put 'been a ao-journer at tha Capital, bat returned to hia first tore, tod will before he agfii mingle with tbs denis ns of th wghl city of Wufiingtos, make tour thfodghlh outhern part of th well for th purpow of re-ee men ting the ny and firm bond of friendship united in ye olden time," a for the ask of hia health, which ha become somewhat impaired during hi mater residence.

left yesterday for Socorro whet he wijl wtotAfor awhile, and jhenea prey ced hi way south. Hit many friads throughout tb Territory will qbtlsss eagerly mix thi opportunity jpvveewted, of. leeiproeating th free hospitably wnifon coartesy with which Goasral Cook ho always mst ihtm she riaititg 'll Oh, yt ewsaye aad Uam men-f world; whonWtsplaia' tiiat ne thing ou bd fouad fo Iqissest yen or psm'th tim away, aad pa hnaiacm msw, mtre-diitareHafirthriaatvw geamaedswre-cw Oom to gaata Fe, hay lvu oatoa worth sf pits antt, oad kefthsr dyspopria.m IagoAudle Mr. he in divijualiaad Tamio, gxi to him- a dear personality, and area ted; wa-bakipeare tuthuded (Tier should frying of regret at hit death oauaed Vt treachery iy tiis highest praise that goyld offer-led to the actor, add is aa deserved as it btundid. Storage and forwarding ia a specialty with Stork A Gordon.

They control a large number of tram. -I Standing three hours iq the cold, waiting to 'ace a lynching yihiih (Writ take plaee, is rimply horrible. Captain' 0. II Depot Quarter master at Tort Lcavenwoftl), is in Santa Fe an buay to Fort Garland. How happy would I be with either, were 'tother dear fellow, away, aingi a certain woman of fianta F.

To tho family of Captaiu C. A. Woodruff wan yesterday added another, a girl. Th New txtcait exteada its oordisi eongretaistioDs. "'Captain Hqgh G.

Brown, I2th Infantry, and aide-de-camp to General Ord, Commandek of the Department of Texas, arrived in Santa Fe yesterday," and will Idare 'shortly fun Fort Gar lead. The old flooring of tb porch ground the military headquarters is bring faksn up sud replaced with ne. This work when completed, will add in no small degree to tho tppearaoqp, of tho building. Dr. G.

W. Mttchc(l has goqe to White (Juki, and the manj 'readers of Daily BoUtti WiH miss his keen wit and bright on its editorial page. Mr. John Schumann, who has been confined to hi Jtod for the last four weeks, is now able, to walk out sod at-teod to buaiussa once more His many be gfad to note this improrm meat in hit health. assay for gold, Tiiadu by Tfof Wheelock of 8anta Fe, ou a specimen front the Homestake lode in the Whit Oak a mining estop, ingly.

rich. result of 113,259 85 to ton. This rather ceU away with -tb ton. Thta rather gets away much puffed up and snow-bound mines of Colorado. r.

Major II. II. Carpenter who caste up from Sliver City yesterday, brought with him one of the largrst ailver bricks that has over weighed down th Southern eoachuLftlt waa bought by 'liljur Carpenter from M. W. Bremen of Stiver (Sty, weight 4,661 ounces, and ia valued The Eastern train got in very late yesterday at eleven o'clock.

The cause of the tnio getting miles this side of Iraa 1 Which forced passenger truin' to NturnTo Las Vegas, and wait until the other wu gotten on th rail again and side-track, th whole detention being bcut five hour. Commavdxxt K. The (tatcd monthly amembly of Banta Com-maadery No. 1, will he held at Masonic Hall, at hslf past urea o'clock Monday erasing next, th 22ad instant, when the annual election, secure. Members are hereby notifimpto attend.

Ali sojourning Sir Knight 'are courteously invited to attends Day. 3., Recorder. Fivx newspaper men eot into an elevator i Rochester on Friday and allowed th rope to be cut whe they were at the foqtth story. Th ear foil like lightning to th aeUercf th building, where wu received by a pateot air eushioa, aad so skillfully oheckod that uoUa ago wu doe.

They hara concluded to mra the street outride oftheir newspaper office fined withtheumekiadefa eush-foo, no thrt poeto wh saddsuly duct nil fro, the fifth story windows may lira to repent of (heir, early folly. A Saa Francisco letter to th Naw York Tribune contain paragraph kpt-h illustfodng i Hi habit and taste of tb larger tlaas suddmty rioh mas is tba former city. It sum that ia th reaideno wf'tb ht William 8. O'Brien, of tb original bosunxa king, the furnitbra 'coat orer 100J)00, while th hooks in the eperioM library wnmValaed at aely -v jJ a ii er re. mta fiat, aixfoa ho(pes a whisky-bottl gad grave ft to a Texu Ka tb dark to taka' drink out of it, aid though th hornets gdt 1 vhefr work they went down, the IVm re-maided that, ft sraaa't mi Temu whisky it foeked fire.

-( TV Southern Pacifie road purchaso hat year Reel rail' aad rie for over 300 sufficient to extend its track from Tieuac to the Rio Grande. The dif sene between th Coat of nils aloos thea now would he more (ha 11,000,000 Ma. W. B. Btboko, Geuseal- geraf tha Atahiwm, Topeka A FB.

B. hu recently ftawsd a eirouW, other fines figainat a person uli-ing himeelf W'. Hunter, whuraarriu a letter apna that companys letter kfij, ing. dated Jimtuiy 3d, 1880, which iq! quart transportation for Mr. Bcroog dcnoonces hiq as fraud, add hg tile all, to bs a thehr guard, and hot tb agranl him any Rburteaic.

CetM Brothers report (he fcodl fcxriirt at Philadelphia aa follows; Tha strong market noted fat our fort iaeue oontinued throughout February. Light stocks and ad a foir demand kept the markgt ssieadl aad fisiou gradually adranced, eo-cuioMl tolsgraM frwn the Losdo fin weal aaerioof th ao that wa are ow realisng th highest priou ef th sauo wjlh seemingly good, E. prospect of further dsasw fo priou uthsrahu bu attsy NatWalism'ln' pofiticej hnt another kind of Amerieehln. If th on phase is excasabl tba hr fo tolled fort A ritlsena allegisnu or eooduet should sot modified a thangad by tha accident of birth. T.

irit alty at si mouth imprisonment sud (s jibouaand delfon fine.t The officisl orgsn" pf- the 8tst of Chihushus uys thst oo no sceount will the federal troops ststioned in (Hat State WttKtritstt'ffirerT7c TTTliVItcT by. tbs' United St tty sullatrititm. A ssrvcyiog party of the 'Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fu road is at work near El Paso. Another pqrty is in the jointly looking for a route tbr the Southern Pacific. The people of Albuquerque expect tho cars to run into their town inside of tif tern days eTlia trad, is already laid down to within rery short distance of IK ruslillo.

For the convenience of scouting par tire and ths troop now the field oper ating against Victorio, a supply caiftp hu been established in the viutnity ol Hillsboro The supplies will be drawn from 0)o Calieute sod Fort Bayard Albuquerque laodsownen are looking after the titles to their property, and have appointed committee to ascertain fthat stops are oeccssary to make llieir possoNiiou sure. f)th towns will do well to tak some similar steps in view of the passage of Senator Edmund's bill In the East capital is content with net profit of fonr per cealiira per annum and it is diffitult to" find investments even at that moderate figure A good hutel in Santo Fe -will pay fiftcen'ptt centum clear of ail taxes. Let some pitalist come out here and examine the prospect. Theetockholdera of the Kt. Louis and Ban Francisco railroad met in Ft-.

Louis March 2d for the election of officers, etc Of the 250,000 shares of stock 228,349 shapes were voted, he action of the old board of directors and 'executive commit tec were endorsed, thcrebv affirming the compact with the Atchison, Topeka and Bants Pe. The following Directors were chosen for the year Jas Fish, Jesse Selig man, Fred Butterfield, Calvin Littlefield Adams, A. W. Nickerson, Wm F. Buckley, K.

F. Winslow, Alden Spetre. Francis B. Hays, Wster L. Frost, James Baker, Oxus Bailey.

The Atchison, Topeka ind Santa were allowed- representation in the "board E. F. Nicker-soft, "Alden Seare and Walter Frost are Biota Fe mfin and take the plates of Geo 8 Curtia. Joel Fort, P. C.

Ho ward, Seligman and W. H. West Indian Newt. lLl Says the 'Meetlls Xcict of the iSth Mown Pcqiy Kesrney, Juan Barela and Felix Trujillo' arrived Iq Meaills from Ls Lux 00 Tuesday last tnd brought thejthe news that Manual San thex wu Hilled by the Indians near the tatter place on Tuesday last. Thy stole that squad of cavalry under Lt.

-Gunline hid surprised party ot hostile Aprohes from the Mescslero Reservation in jhlarno canyon, sod captured twenty-two ead of horse which the Indian fit stuicn dunog araid on the Rio Grande in the neighborhood uf Drt Norte, old Mexico. Th Iadisu (Ud before the troop and ia psssiog through Ls Lux canypq tfagyencountared Sstiahcx nd his sou. The former they shot hut after considerable topgh handling ufjhe boy thaw eua-ftim homa-bs report hi father's duth. Jhcjslola afow head ot stock' from the proooeded orthfrqrdfr tiks(ifiy ra aches and tsting' stoAtwheramhev fosnd It, to "tndem-TOrEfimsefveSj Xu spresum for that which fhfAuliiary pjT take from thvui it the A Ifituid they gpt ID 1 12 bd uf valuable orset sad males st tha'rsaefi of Mr. James West six miles out of Tnlsroso.

Tftu Isduns sir's rostkap gi pf Mescal eras, who left the resarret. sbqut two month ago, sad after ravaging th Country to-tha ifoath-wrrt Weje rturnrag pith their plunder wbau struck by Lt, Coptine ui the Frees lire Daily SomAmttl we lain that: '-On th 8th inat. Guadalupe As-asrato nf Lu Ckuces sent two men srith nix raulu i intercept hi I raja a route Vgu to Silver. City, good for Jos- F. Reynolds.

Somswhara the Wad, to tha southeast of FaWar, pary" wu intereeptod by Iodisu aid ihp two mea.saj two of the malu win kilWLV Wet foULwK -v Quay mss, 00 of the bjeotive poin of the ishisora Topeka andjiutaFi HamemUa hu sadLee I It fteisaraed that thi re la will be siilss shorter thsl th prssant, an twees NewaEurk'and $an FraBoiseo, Look st this from an exchsngt: "Ml-' WrigS ft fom ofMhe Btstra which bukr wtnt-clsaa EWrtrfct statement. '1 Her dW only 8890,000, Whil there ia' 8904,000 in the sjtAiqg fond to' ey h. A mor extraordinary cireunutsne tbsg" this ftyb foot that th row Capitol, row coupletod sod paid for. actusllf coal leu than the appropriation foadu for buSding il." Vy i-1 A Now Political Wa bar boon ahowatha kdviaea sheet of an auosymoua hut, clever pam- bhlet soon to ba iwfitid, entitled. Tbr llecovered Cause, nr the.Xdminislrttipa' sf Thomas F- Bayard, Bcfbutecnlh Fieri.

dust of the United It Is fllus- (rated with a cat uf the atqr aad bare; and wm ef it hit at th leading etlisthmista sre -Th ehiaf tktracts are taken from tba Stole' Righto' dhted Wuhingtun, Scptetnhcr U(83i sod from the IteooVered t'aua, foiled Wwhingtod, (Xitober 1 t.882, telling uf tha (roubh with euh irrecotviUMra Grant, Bharqlanjfijrmsq and 0AElNO roams Hi exoellcney, FnwWant Bayird, (' gjiher with General Gary, saost sre iff wr yesterday reoairad tl tv While Hbu, deputotbref Mwbggfth euq f.dassae verdfon thus d. wfea to coWldakrthqqrii whik Hawiara Home, toornfi. ky ntioas at rim I damvixo a DEED, J' A Woman aixty la'tltmntlod to Dentil by a Vllkti Who Afterward KdjefcW th41 Price of 111 Crime. A Fiend Who Ha Before Escaped the Reward pf HI VIK lalny at Lait In tba Out' of HI Own' Moth I He Convicted Yesterday morning, betweebthree and four o'clock, a tembl trim wu committed in. our city, a crime which hu uut ao agejRidoaa toT bruts! pd violent death, aod plugged" '-a Worthy abd reapeclable family into (he deepest grief and mourning On that moruing, at about one Oclock, Offioer Fuudiy notieed oo hi a mao by the Dime of Jots Silva Paid, who wa behaving himself in disorderly and noisy manner, and started towards him with the purpose of arresting him, but before he reached the spot where 1aia wak standtog, th latter ha.l disyp--peired, going into a saloon and them oat by the back-door.

Fwu that time nothing wu seen wf Pki nouLfit about six o'clock in (he jfovrning when Kh wu arrested by Gffiecy Felipe Ortix for drunkenness. As ht wu being carried to the jail he began mqtteriug to him self, and finally commenced talking to the policeman. Who hstened to him he would to the raring of any dninke man, until Pait Muouoced th starting feet that as ojJ woman.h4be murdered during th Bight, aod mid that be wu aot eoanectod with th affair all, nor did want to ba aoeoaed jf being the murderer. Th ioformatieo was in-, I mediately reported to the Chief of Pril ioe, Gabriql Maftioe, who promptly jjft dersd so invsktigatioe of the matter aad the HorTjhl tjiacovery wu then mad that th atatement of Pais wu true, aod that the victim of th foul. died, wu aa old woman by the name of Guadalupe Tefoya, bring "the Lome," not for from tha governmeat eorraL When found, tha body of th murdered woman with only Ou'thathroa't .1.1 fo tha black tngrt-marki of her slay which together with th fiict that there were ao other marks of violence ou her person, showed that death had been indicted by straagalathiw.

Th Jten Mlgacl' Court. The DistricfToupt opened at Lu VV gUy oa the mornlTig of March Ld. Pm-eot, Hoo. Bradford Pytuce, Chief Justice; F. W.

Clancy, Clerk; Duideriu Romero, Sheriff. E. A. Flake, Eaq appeared and claimed to be Attorney-General, but his motion wu ovfh-rulsd, and the court appointed Hun, Sidney A. Hjubbell to set in phum of an Attorney -General.

Major Sena wu appointed interpreter to the court, and Miguri alaur to the-graud a'. There were 182 civil cuu and 68 criminal casus oa the docket. Among the civil actions disposed lowing; the longest trial befog in the of Stash vs. Jaramillo, which wu oa promissory note, tfe execution pf which wu denied by ih defendant. Bavier viBace Referred to Coloeel Barnes.

7" Sellar vs. Criatiaq GaUegoaeJudg-meat for 1202. Wagner va. Chapman Judgment for Plaintiff. Ceiso Pan Tu.Piscusl, JJactoRefcr-red to J.

A. Koogkr. Martfou vs. J. Pereu-v-Judgmeat hXL A igabY.

Jsrartflfo-rVardiet fgy Per fendarit. Chapmaa yk. Koaiowskr-v jaj (utoUqa mad perpetuaj! a -Maire vs. Maira Divorce gnted, Mayer ra Parker-r'Judgmeat 1260. 5 i elfor vs, Naranjo -Judgment pwotiff.

'a Simpson va Rios. Sellar vs. Gsrel 1958 for Pfointiff. a i 1 i u.rt 2nd NslmniT Bank McClm Judgment for Plaintiff. Sellar, Ortega judgment Fraokenthcl vi Jawstt Judgment n.t.iwr tar 1 r1 for Plaintiff, 183." Ijfidd w.

Jsweit judgment 'for Sellar vi. Yiccato lripcx-rJudgment PUiotiff, $157. KfrKfolf Ws. liffj 3320, Strausoijrs. Gallegos Judgment for Miok re.

Abbott Judgmeot for a a TCt 5 a v' 'i Tb graod jury, uadu the, atu fora msnahip tt F. A- Mumuttsotad with much in aver twenty fodljfmetltk for VtrioU Ou' tha morqing of tba ppening ad tba, Muh Iw marders Oocvured lit, Lu. Vega, that of Killihu by -Wehh, aad thst of Mirehfikd by In both of 'ladiotmcnta ward promptly fiiund, aqj in ib former tb riJ, pro-needed tluraat immediately. Tb. fskwiv ty te prnoeedioga ia" worthy' off The murderess oumitted yi Tacsdayjnorning, urjAi ncaaoditig Mooday tho trial ootSmawead, and Wedaesday murniag jury, wbloh th eaU bad bel aabmluwd, nt ibouf mldnlght brMgbfi id Vehlict of Ittihj'ofimjder fotba-firat 'roG' I tb proaeoutio qf the cam Judge Hubhefi wu amwud by -CwL Breed nd Jfidga Waldo, tb acoaacd wu fodimded bjr Cri Btroes, snd Tri Ljrdo; vTbaouuua ooshpud over iqT bqrt i( omi Fv'hfi tWeEse was farther re ness ah I ftu th fimfUiViftMt a shgl "ekoeptlbs" Ku Mtbvr aide, thro'dgbodll (Ha whole fours fuJ qrfo axqvydsqaUy turilyt i bail ni tb eeo, Thursday night, of untuually lively dance, and oaa which roll into (Jty ou two o'clock, Charley ifavlctut', tka pro reused I th filthy lucre to bar coffers in no alow auunor.

At abou( prletor of the home, eountdd hi wealth and jmttiog it' all into bis mre jut enough to start buaiocm with yrheu the killoon wan opened 'again that tnorti iug, started up town to -enjoy hiuinelf a Itttli and patronise the cwtablihuenti or other dealers in enthroning evuipoumlg The aunf'jhua stored away about his person waa in bilbr, twenties, tens and flies, and-amounted in the aggregate to one hundred and fitly dollar With this object in view Chaste iiit-cd the aaloona on San Francisco street janrmlly, dividing hie patronage about equally between them, and at a little after the cathedral -clwdt bad Mrack three, eoucluded to betake himself and his money homeward, and seek his virtuous couch. Accordingly, after taking a night-cap with party of his friends, which party included a policeman, he Started down the alley which runs from San Francisco Street to Mottiey'a Theatre with a resolute though rather unsteady stop. lia states lhat after he had gotten down' the alley a distance of not over tea steps from the main street, he met two men, who as hs approached them, divided aa if to' allow him toypaas betweeaX This he uncus-prctingly started to do when he was brought to a Aill atop by the order 1 Throw up your habda 1 Turning nr--oqnd, he aa ji that cachif the two men had him coiered by a reudrer, and as he conJfired arguing under such cir eumetanetf rather misplaced, uot to say dangerous, up went hi handa, and through him went the robber. One of them made watch st bii watch and broke the guyfr-finding it took tim irll Hawkii to puli it out foil Hawkins "(hat, and' turned his attention to th Ttctun pockets, which revealed the money that Had keen put into them earlier that morning. Taking the foil; (he follows shipped and act did Ilawkiufibaok To the aaloon -where he had left hia eootivial frieod and the policeman.

Tie Utter waa pressed into service, and the tWb atarted out ou a hunt after the thievea, which of coane yielded no results. Ilawkint say thaft tha follow who went through him wore a handkerchief 'orer hia face, whit (he other was not masked, but stood in the shadow of the alley, krefiing a pistol on him. thinks the whole thing waa arranged ahd carried out by some who had bee ia the dance hall tHal night, and knew that if he went on that night he would take considerable money with him. The alley in which Hawkins was robbed has acquired an extremely bed reputation, Iron tip number of robberies that bare taken place ia it. It ia narrow, lighted only by lamp at aach and, qpd-JM any btt mooolight lights it is perfectly dark for half its length.

A liMr place for a tbiaf to work in could not" imagined Another kmp pUped bctwvrii the two already mentioned Wyfild gire fight throughout th alley ou tire darkest night, and unwary pedestrians would be safe ia gafiti) rough it Ute at night, which iq how not th caae. Othello, tho Moor of Venlco, An audienoa which spoke well for Santa Fe appreciation of the drum in its highest form, githerad st Mottlsys theatre last night to Witueas the performance of "Othello, and th manner which th tragedy wu presented merited aad received the ioteaat and aawarer-ing interest of th spectators from first to last. Ia "Othello, th Moor himself iad I ago divide th attention, and leave little for the other character. Amelia ha little to ffi or my but when the claims tb sye or ear of the andienee ft it to tom purpose, and every word or look ie dictated by aotM Hot ao with Drademona. The character is mads i foi) to that of Othello pal to bring out by her timidity, shrinking and childlike innocence and gentleness, the strong, massive nature of the Moor and hia u-tamed passions, 2 arcs ia fora and yrt fiercer in hatred or reran ga- Camio ia-ritee jittfo foefing of hay kind, exeept that) ef pity for bia too eonfiding trust- -Moot and unhappy red.

Mr. LaWreoee-ths jQtheUo, hu' a good right to He prooA of tha auoossi achieved- by hiV last' That he pleated hit tty yrouods lot ip: plattae, frequent and which greeted, him thnmgkcwti Oh pesform ance, kravea a juat reoqt fije dewht; end ail tho aoeou betweeni him and Iago were weU worked up and intehed to degree which spoke fiefi foT thf famili. ity of tbeacten with and the careful ttudy beatowod by tWn upea their ree-peotivo charaeten. Mr. Taylor makes not neariy ao good an Lago, in spire of this evident stody, 'at oo yrotiU expeot from hi acting in ether drama tnd leave a diwetiafortia with hi kendo, (to of -th roll ia (he minds of aodieuce Whioh is difficult aaalysts but may h'ummed up ariring from hia bek of actio, in, fault whioh ean be remedied, and hugirthy attew-peuemom" tiotfrnpi tha Mfti'Willard hiadea excellent Am fia, tnd misud htrepporuraity glveau her by th character itself, to moyu th admiratloa and gain th' opprokaLof th tudieoo: Th robastbsOs, StQger and toon nutdy1 than WouUnly stmh of her well-developed to with Mb Willard they Wtfo hat best finely eo (noted with' th tender meelt-eu of that of peodfmoM, tad Amalia fforiled fin oupport for th princip Mist Toyfo wm cry good, hfi tlthofigh thiSb periapt the moot nagratsM.

nU sf, any fri tk. tregedyWWu Wriltsrttaiaed Insl aight, tnd IhaWotrodi dsssrrsS Oommsadatiod. Mr. NofcftTht (rio wu not 'only gtood hut I kit oedtg suggwtol th tforatl 1 Is tha AUti case change of vqnud ru taken to Sente Fe, and thimgiiddcn transfer of tho prisoner to this city to prevent lynching, hu been heretofore recorded. Alt through the County there were rumors Of awuks to ho made on the jiuind tho efficiency of the sheriff to meet any eiairgcncy wu strikingly maUiftst After the Webb conviutoo he retired to hu bouse, under the protection of a number of deputies, and a no more seen.

Ilymoo Nwd, th juatiee of th peace in the -New Town" who disappear-1 ed with poor Kiltihers money was arrested in Parsons, Kansu, but had esj eaped to ths Indian Territory before tbr requisition could be sent on. KiiliherT brother proposes to follow him, up In the caae of Teofilu Abrcn, fur u-uniting hit wile, brought by change of Igque from More touuty, verdict of guilty wu found, uudn wu imptwoaed for one year. Delgado aod Smith, (wo officer! indicted for an assault, were aeqnilted after a protracted trial. 1 The court wu kept busy, sitting for long hours each day, but the changes or venue pear the end redudefi it labors, aid by Friday night every case, civil aod criminal had been tried 4r hereupon the ooutt adjourned. Found drowned.

With box in hu pocket, Killed On the oorooers docket. Guoe I Breyrn To hi aqueous guide By thy Riaodisl)rtaA pnuie. Dead, sped Hia spark of existeooe, Quenched, wrenched In spite of resistance. AVhy.tty To do tbatjWbich can't be done? No So atng tho deatb ehant for one That fiat i Was. laid by the puxsle keau Bust, jaat By that awful fifteen.

Saata weeds another hotel, and it wilt be well patroaised One of the members of the brass band of Franciaro Peres is dead. Another fall of anoW yesterday, sines which tbs weather hu. been overcoat-denuadisg. IfSanmFe atarta into bold Judge Lynch sessions of court, qiors than uue will decora la th co) ton woods Acting Gorernor W. Q.

Bitch hu appointed Samuel Ellison, Territorial librarian ties R. Tompkins who hu resigned the position. 1 Mayor D. C. Hyde, dfrtri'buaitcvfll, 1 ia Sasta Fa, and stated that tb area-fatmaa la Chalchaitl taouataio are preo grmwsg with a nooa raging nulls.

Dofia Juanita Frada, well known a stannek and steadfast friend of the Ame-ricau ia th day of tb Texu Expydt tfoa, died yesterday morning. A. B. Nortun, Eeq duperifftlndent ef fir Nathmal Mail and Traniportstiow Conlpagyv arrived is 8snts Fs yester-dsy morning, and will Tetesja is' the city for few days. In hitmomenis of relsxstion, puxl.

Mr. Ndrldff worts st the 15 Tb New York lierqJd of the 13th states'Vhst papuin lard i. ordered to relirry Csptisn JVmeeGillisx Aaistoot-Qurtmauter, 8'A. st Chcyenoa, pot which tha latter is ordered to repurt to Head -q sartor, pepartmeot th Miasoori, for duty in thn Dhtrhfonf jNaq Mexico. That Ham ef infonwalioa eonceTaing th 8300 rrwwid eflered for "Hoodoo not appear in A ding.

Gerenior Riche oifew. -Jt eanth that (he nays is with hold jiteatnr th New Mexican ku previous! pnblishad it for th paper referred to dou wot axhft bit this serupnloviueu in tegsrd 1 other martart; Baft bar eaa ft that the 'Acting Oaveruof ia afraid baiag' arcuaed of prttlaHty. Wall, the, why ft it rtillM ffiaan Yau're a liar, arid a iff a plan laloo sight, sad th nekl miaau bs lay art ah fioor; a liar; am II drmrodafi th wh had kaoakad him dswa, th rtbtr got rebhisg yu tee a fwM gentilmra.t said the Uisw wh hod hea knackad daw. A reachad for the door, Oeaige WashtaEtoB isotsldo't hold waawdW te yoa. Aadyat yeu'reEiiaf3 (h 1 a (he door wasfkkid hiifo VBt didat ke4l etlurti, Ppdiie had.

yurt go arid jut ahawt tkn ums thing.dC 4 a4 twSH A N'T' -3foEwfh CoEflde. ifotinTiilfog wkshuTiaiiqd FanuFafiMfirany yeora, txkihimdKi dexterity th aornu or th kia prineipai font being the taking Inf. Iigktd tew iote bit moathn, After qUtig crowd ptuuiadlJeU.MMvupv which, sltjwwdtepasumextraiirdinrry olusaag propwraieeq Thro hr-atendan burrow. Vary justly thought thst i ms whoaro foiled uoh ssmistskaabl rida baiag te pariatis his wua wu sot worthy tbair psttqiitg sad (hs agjuias.reapad hut a amatl harvatt tt qstrura after all hip J- Th Naw York, World mttnt that th Laiu''Drcu ssaucutios hu oollspeed, th 'wom' wh 1 ware asksd to jola being dimstiirted wftkr th mUM IIP abority wkiuh Miu Fiaid't pta of -gsaiutm groMro. )v J- i biffbj, toned would-b folhionsbl paopla on Filth svanua, vaw reoeptiou at which only' Freadh ft spokee Bumetkinff 'mure ro- he awl Uiyy aurbifh Ely good Ksgiish wu spokau.

1 finJjibcpa' Jf wiypjjedwith Cboict Meiti, VepeUblfl ami Groci, They have wow on hawd-w iron Mock of knr I1 Hogtffiilwec tmppcd-frotu ilira'ipiipliaf wth ou(hj, C. Jriarisd, SM ao (hen. beneath the earth's aarfac it ie believed "Hed where the umperature is tWwj -J na exteraii ialutace, the temporatarr that depth being eenaeqnently uniform ia aji sections st ths globe' (volcanic distorts ef eoare excepted). In this tone the thermometer ia pauod to indicate fifty degrees. It htfi-nhs been shown by fttrthsr ohonrstioa that the temperature increases at the triform rate of one degree for every fifty-five fact of depth, to thet at eeveateeu hundred feet about seventy right dejeca ia indicated.

Tina heat ia a akvow trjjof the esdarapiee ef th miner, sad at oaa tbdumad feet greater'depth mining iaimpraeticable According to this rule of iaereaae, the temperatora four tkoomnd foot below the sorites mast ba aot less thaa oh hoad- red aad twenty on degrees, aad ten thoaaand feet the boiling point i ex- seeded. Th last Ojnarton iVno i Pro mya that -om T.uaday-ias a-force wf-right met arrived at9rtnger tocommenee work immediately jspoa a talegraph liqa aew being fall hetweaa Springer and Ciauuroa. 'Ihk pole will ba eat ia the RaPau Moontrina, we suppose, aad ihip-40 Springer by rail Th lia will probably ba completed and aa office opened it Cimarron withia two weeks. This work ia being dona by the Weatera Union Telegraph Company ia coaapliaae with tha promise mada't My- Frank K. Sher-wia last fall.

Th line will be extended to Bimhethjowa this aummar either by, aV ivim. u. ai tha Watern iMior Mr. Sberwia sad h'ia frida," ill baa been introduced ia the California legislature 'te amend the civil lede, providing for th redemption ef stock sold for delinquent aacmsnuiufrre The hill allows sixty days for the A Fin Wmrw tod 'Liqitere-'fit BsUryt Pfrra of (be IW tl.J L1 I fe1 flV(s fo EJ IT A LtffeL the Ii. 4rand ufijigw Jipi sjsi iV.v.

r. ,1 li'vy tJung 0 tl)lfc)uwr'jiiiVaM at ruasonehiu nyteefet pqg Flura Nriooir, hr Everybody in iovftad.lto) nui at ths i FI fcsluon. they wlTlhWurirtl with keep- is I. c. haviftfrre -awrrrt cd I dofeutaasmt the befit ffbductioifs'hy fettedt tVo hx r.

-h a hkrhWcwamwrtfid Hxidkl. MW itoraifoA A1J greejswdp; a mvforim hj Xtendadll ktehtotawcb ttbmA huods fray trace Oted told; udw grd ffhfiti Ag 8ntfe 'fJij toff inty "itSre fed pro toAtfirnghm rq fife cqnduqt lh4 thifengh my: Vhrtfrmkr wnrtnrofe uw towstto ilywmybysff Uatnr4 ta JLt 1 a i ip jc 1 rrj bi 7 fr tott i jff tid 2. mi siU, ksrodadifjmprasdl Cipum udl ni rtsnfi of ril tororiplT i in biraai fifed' RaapUre Uw ridVnfr -aw mi Vreriri tL5 i demptien of stock told for ameaameata. Wa think it ia a good bill, and that aoeh a law aa it contemplates ia seeded. Property aol under executiea for Jdcbt or taxes it sabjeet to redemptioa Wfthij a eertaia time, Sat the eriea of atceka for sateasmenU are pre-eraptory and there )S as chance for redemption.

Jv. 'i- life Vtortd Stately Ui i r. Mm ao pi Nto Qfekltea om viftototo Ffe.ifl. Pt Ii ni 1 ie ralwn 1 JmdWtorireddffMufriauWsiuth Abcieni PctiVry (VtrtJdr DAnff (jAiHrtr -v fr I ''w wvT4f Fferairtfrtg Qrettofehrd, wvpalri.j 111 I SI I fetw si rod swuapiags ny. fort bar thaa jtetfeM- Jreluigonj fftu Ot rid of thtfr own diAir where they' tnifi-' '1tip wJ-mv So- bb fe Into th pubVw'itreeL teeraioglv L4ratodrYar qatleolbetugrthtj 1 ht Latest Army Orders, Tba resignation of First Lieutenant (Vamnci A.

Stwiman of hia appoint-nival Regimental Quartermaster, 9th Al. S. Cavalry, accepted to date from March 17th, 1880, 'subject to th of the Honorable Secretary Wsr. 1 First Lieutenant Claarnm A. nan, 9th U.

YValry, is appointed Adjemnt of (he Rfrjrowtt to date Milhh 18th, 1880, Ixirn. promoted Cep- Subject to the approval of the Honor- sbl Secretary -of War, First Usn tenant Grtrravcc Valois, 9th U. 8. CavaUj is appointed Regimental Quartenmuten to date MareriT8th, 1880, ie ffruD MArt, resigned. Captaia John 8, Lend Is directed to remeigas tha Dia-OO tha great gratileatioM of his tnsay frfoods ia Saala Fo.

to as sw- Wgsd nod mueh imprered TW4ad paper which lit il I 7 Ths Trinidad A'v JfiZ frtwiM82f t' "aii VmJ Rabbi mu ir4.aloii;i rA UfitrgMJ ljritorrt'1 Jft'inowMir Wlua bat -fi Ji ss-ra. Aif fe( Ghu hjta iiIyA i 4 V-," lu MttU SJ L.W look of th (brag, ft etH-wagcoddr away iefetlbntlal disemas, atd dUgari 'thd. avast qf tedvr snj jproprietd of hm tqVpririnS' aa 'fetipnr1iij)o 3w amuffgat fea that rury fow -lafedahle xrtiou te Urrow of bade" IfeMrt' Whlt-h1 add ap-raucH to th; hcahty' aad', KValt fe' of Vn and that, iJhcsc matters, nor Capli4 CMHMt VWfe foTorahly'tefeqwro hi bfiitviw i.uTVnv.VilaiV Jto, u' A-a-rw A rF i if '31 t-r 7 te (te 7f te 'A vtef-.

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