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The Santa Fe Republican from Santa Fe, New Mexico • Page 1

The Santa Fe Republican from Santa Fe, New Mexico • Page 1

Santa Fe, New Mexico
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3 Number 45. I exported from one of the States of the United! NEW STORE. TERMS OF THIS PAPER. The Hidson Bay Company. The correspondent of the N.

Y. Journal of Commerce has Ths second Volume of the Republican will be pubished Tri-Monthlu, and issued to Mates as appears trora paragraph ol sec. y. of Art. 1, of the'Constitution of the U.

States, No tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any President Polk, in his Message of July 6, the following further intelligence on the subject of this company's overtures Washington, 7. The have before them, in secrrt ses WHOLESALE XXD KETA1L. WM. K. BURNETT, has just opened a large and extensive assortment of SiiMCS.

Saddlery, Hats, Cuis, ice. consisting in part of the following articles 20 bales brown muslins, 25 bleached do, 5 blue cotton drills, IS iS. goes farther. (Extract) '-The War with I i .1. C.I...I sion, the proposition of the Hudson's Bay Company, ami the PageCs Sound Company.

Writhe pa navimr terminated, i'ni'ucryi in Executive to cstnhlhl; or continue toippoeorve'vance to the V. States of all their lands. rarv Cliil lion run; nix, over these Territories buildings, improvements, fields of cattle, forts, which existed under the laws of and all their possessory rights," south of whilst they arc retarded as prov- as-well as Territory Xc, north of that par- to our subscribers (once in every ten days) the low price of "SEVEN DOLLARS" a year, or three dollars and fifty cents, lor sir months two dollars for three months-; to be printed in Spanish and English payments invariably in advance. No subscription for a less time than three months. So papers will be forwarded until the subscription is paid.

Arrangements are now made so as to forward our papers to any part of the Territory, immediately after publication without fail. Subscribers will please forward their names and residence as soon as possible. Persons living in the city will have their papers left at their residence if desired. Office on the North-East corner of the Plaza, next door to the Qum terinaster's Olbce. Single CoriES, twenty-five cents.

luces our military occupation kit rMC'i. jaliel. If the powers of the President as Cowmen-j learn that Sir John JIfkrr Pilley, Ihe Gor-der no longer estah-I ernor of the Hudson's Bay Company, and the lish or to continue" Civil tiovtrnments. of 'agent of the I'agei's Sound Companv, repre- urse that power cannot be yourself j-vnted to Lord I'almcrston the expediency of anu onevnder him. the transfer of the territorial rights, property A pution might arise as to the time wheii the Treaty took effect whether on the cay it was "concluded and Feb.

2d, 1S4, or on the dav ratifications were exchanged and interest ol the two companies to ine i). Government, and ha' Lord Palmerston, readily emhraciiig the project. instructed Mr. the British Charge, to bring it before th Government. His letter to Mr.

Buchanan i 1200 pieces fancy prints, 300 do cotton pant stuffs, 200 do fancy lawns. Cloths, cassimerc.s and vestings. Blue and black satineMs, Alpacas, cashmeres and incrinocs. Flannels of all colors, Apron checks, Ginghams ami fancy lawns. Blue ami blat cambrics, (low priced,) Blue mackiuaw blankets, Jackonett and mull nia-lins, Cms.

barreii and cambric muslins, Irish linens, fancy siiawN. parasols, Silk ami cotton handkerchiefs, JO 1-4 bleached -br-etings, Men and we-mens silk and cotton hose, A sencral assortment of trimmings, An extensive assortment of clothing, Men and womons boots and shoes, Mats. caps, iic, 200 kegs powder. 101)0 lh. lead.

May 30, IS 18. A Treat is a contract between Nations, and Chancellor Kent, in part 1, of his very strong; and Mr. Buchanan's comoiunica- Cuinmentanes. page 1 74. says "Their meaning tion to the Senate, urging the acceptance of the ADVERTISEMENTS.

All Advertisements will be inserted at the rate of SI 50 per Square of Ten Lises or less lor one insertion, and $1 00 for each continu to be ascertained by name rules ot con- proposition pivents incontrovertaolearguinem. in favor of it. Mr. Calhoun and Mr. are in favor stiuction and course ol reasoning which ap-" ply to the interpretation of private rontracts." This Treaty was a contract, entered into be of it.

and to-dav 1 learn that Mr. Benton and tween the parties on the 2d dav of 18-18, Mr. liaunagan have taken the matteiyiivhanJ, BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Book Job Printing will be executed at tbis Office in a neat style and at low Prices. The following caution to volunteers from the Acting Paymaster tleneral, has been dressed to the edibor of the Union uini a puiiso or conuiiiou annexed, iuen proviso or condition was complied with, the Treaty was to be ami not otjierwise.

The proviso or condition was its ratincation as proscribed in the XXHI article of the Treaty. The proviso was complied with or fulfil ADVERTISEMEN Payvasteb UiTnkral's Or vice. Iiig." 8 Sir Will y.on do me the favor to publish the following notice, for the benefit of alt con led oilth. lh and the Treaty became ti U. S.

HOTEL Saddles, bridles, belts ami scabbards Sugar, culi'ee. bacon, lat caudles, 101) boxes of fine chewing bueco, 75 of fresh sausage meat. All those desirous purchasing, either by wholesale or retail, will do well to examine the above stock. at the formerly occupied bv Madame Ortis. near church, u-lltl Santa Fe.

September t. Is' IS. fective from the. day i. was signed to-v.

it l'eb-niarv 2d. 1S4S. Upon this point, Ktnts Coni- cerned Respectfully, vour oh't. servt, SJXTA FE, N. B.

F. LARXED, Act. BM. G. Upon this note the editor of thcUiiion re mentaries, part 1.

louith emtion. page ltU. is very clear, "A Treaty of I'eace binds the contracting parties mm the moment of its eouclu- w'wh. and that is understood to be from the day marks THE Undersigned having Ifased me atjive house, situated on the South' rijjsjjidecd'the Plaza, having thoroughly repaired and renrfva-tedthe same, is now prepared to accommodate boarders, or persons visiting Sa'ntar'Fe, in as NOTICE. rood, it not a better style man anv oilier House in this cily.

Tiiey are well supplied with beds, lhe Paymaster General is preparing rolls, ant! will tend paymasters' into the several States, and for the convenience of the claimants as far as practicable, to the places of company enrollment, for the payment of the three month's extia pay authorized by act of Congress of ttii tilth July, I IS, to the volunteer's who have served in the war with Mexico, and have been it is The words "and that is to be from the day it is signed," do not appear in the first edition. tint have been siilweijiteitlv added in order to make the point altogether clear. If Maic. i lieall has however any doubt about the: Treaty's taking effect, Feb. 2d.

1 S48, 1 will HOT T11-P5S tiint unlnt wifltm.t Wfll- R. JOSEHII will attend to .1 amt large ami ventilated rooms, inelaoie nas evervfliinz that the market will afford. The my uusirtess uunii inv itom lIU country. 1'- X. AuiJi.

Santa-Fe, Sept. 13, IS n42-5t honorably discharged, and to the heirs of such r. I'pr ol th rjirbl but 1(1 .1 I bar has the best of liquors of every kind, and alio an ice house, the only one in the cily. Attached to the house is a splendid pasture and a large correll for animanls, and the only one in the vicinity of Santa Fe. N.

B. No pains will be spared to accommodate andpjease those who may favor them' with application to him for "relief, to the 30th day of iyfi( PAIR Dragoon and other spurs, for AfJ Salcbv W. MITCHELL. Santa Fc, July, 24, 18 IS. li.i uiru in service.

It is earnestly recommended to all not to sacrifice theirclaims, the Department being determined to settle the claims without delay, and secure to the claimants' the full benefit of the law. The regulations-governing the Department in the payment of this gratuity are in preparation, and will be published ana sent to tho different States, for the information of all iti-iS, Irom wuicii there can be no douhl that the power d' the President or any on" under him to continue this unconstitutional, illegal and oppressive dut. has'ceased. 1 claim for the soil of New Mexico and for the people standing thereon, the protection of a call. nu.tirnni.i wtjiir.n Santa Fe, June 1848.

nSO-tf tne constitution, under venose wings they were CH.4PM4 and C01.EM4X, AUCTIONEERS, ga.nered on tlie second day ol I en. I1. I declare that lite these tomis is onerous and oppressive on my clients, and I re- HAVE recived and offer for sale, either at auction or private sale, the following articles, consisting in part of every variety of ica-dv made Clotir'ng. Boots and Shoes, Pants, Al TO MAJ. B.

L. BE ALL. Cojui.VNriN'G Oth Mil. Df.partmf.kt. The undersigned.

Attorney for F. X. Aubry, WmJ S. Messervy, Beek Brent. Samuel Bean, B.

F. Coons, and others. Merchants, respectfully that while this Territory was supposed not to belong to the United Stales, except by. conquest, to-wit on the ffth day of February, Brie. Gen.

Price, your predecessor, hi command of the M'litary Department, issued orders No. 10. the 2d and 3d paragraphs. spectttill ol you bir, Commanding the Ninth Military right the wrong pacas, blcach'd and brown Domestics, and also, wnicti your predecessor unintentionally begun and which is now continued under vour a spieudlu IOI oi cnoice Xiiquors, cuiimsiiiu; oi 50 bbls rectifi'd Whiskey, 36 bbls French Bran dy, 5 bbls Holland Giij, also, a large lot of The specific remedy sought for in this case is, an order from you, directing Charles Blumner of which are in the following words, letters. and iic.

to deliver fottti- 2nd. There shall be levied on impprfs, a ''duty of Six per Centura, ad rtihrem, on all with to the Merchants, or their Attorney, all bonds in his possersion, to'secure the payment Wines, sc. Santa Fe Septiembre 6, 1818. n41-tf NOTICE. CHAPMAN COLEMAN, JUCTIOKEERS.

of the aforesaid six per cent ad valorum duty, merchandize introduced into the Territory of New Mexico, ironi and atter the date herent, "based on the original inroiccs duly authenti fTIHE Subscribers have been commmissioned as Facts i.v Wa. John 3ff. Scott, who delivered an oration in Philadelphia on the occasion of the reception of the volunteers, institutes a comparison between the a-motml slain in some of the Mexican battles and the most desperately fought Euiopean engagements, At the great battle of Ligiicy, between the French under Napoleon and the Prussians under Blucher, which was fought with the bitterest animosity on both sides. Napoleon who wa the c'umjWTcr, tost from ten to eleven out every hundred men, according to the English accounts. At Buena.

Vista, where Taylor rooted the Mexicans against decided odds and after hard fighting, the American loss was but a fraction pver fifteen out of every hundred. At the famous battle of Waterloo, upon the issue of which depended the fortune of Napoleon, and where his star set in blood, and the Anglo attired army, under the Duke of Wellington, gained the victory with die loss of killed, wounded and missing, of twenty-three out oi every hundred. This was one of thv most murderous battles ever ought. At El Molina del Rev, the American force cated before the.otiieer hereafter designated." "3d. The, pVeaent Treasurer of the Tcrri- 'torv shallb'tfejr-ot'icio Collector of duties on 11 imports for the Territory of New Mexico.

It is hereby made his duty to inquire from each on goods exported Irom any Mate ol the tinted States, which were introduced into New Mexico since the 30th day of May, 1S43. requesting you to Usue this in reference to goods introduced since the 30i of May, I expressly state that I intend no waiver ol' their rights since the 2d day of but am induced to do so, in order to relieve you sir, from any difficulty you may have, and at the same time to relieve a portion of my clients front a state of things which weighs heavily upon them and their business. Respectfully submitted; (Signet) R. if. WEIGHTMAX Attorney lor X.

others. importer, an exhibition of his original invoir-'' es, duly authenticated byoatli; and the Col- JL Auctioneers, anu win receive an Minis ui Goods Mules Horses, and other property and sell the same on commission. They are experienced in the business, and hope to receive a liberal patronage. They have engaged rooms, two doors above the Independence" House, on Main Street, where all goods will be carefully stored, and one or the other can always be found at their auctiun rooms. N.

B. Particular attention will be paid to the sale of all kinds of merchandize CHAPMAN COLEMAN Santa Fe, N.M., 5ept. Isf, 1848. n41-tf lector is turtner empowered to administer sucti ie oaths as may be necessary to make such in-" voices valid. He shall require of earh ter or merchant, bowls with security for the amount of duties levied on his imports, paya-i: ble in two equal instalments at hirtv and six-' tv days after tH' date of introduction." In obedience to which orders No.

TIL Charles Blumner F.sq.. the present Trea((R- of the engaged was 3ol, and the loss in killed and wounded 700, or nearly 26 in every hundred. Head Qrs. 'Jtli'Mil. Santa Fe, X.

Sept. 25, 16-18. ORDERS NO. i. lnese ucis speaR lor tnemseive.

Territory and Ex-officio Collector of dutiesl on occ. now holds in his' possession Archbishop or Pais. The French Nation bonds ot Jlercliams; tne same being to secure I he Commanding Ollicer. having received a CLASSICAL A.0 ESGIJSH HIGH SCHOOL. THE First term of J.

Dunnes school, will commence on Monday, lS-t. He guarantees to all his patrons to ti-achall the branches usually taught in acadamies and high schools. The terms of tuition wll be as follows The primary English branches, for a period of five months K) al Assembly having appropriated 5(000 fs. for the payment of the six per cent ad valorem du- memorial from F. X.

Aubry, S. Messervy tv on goods exported from the State of Missouri. Heck cc Brent. Weatherhead. tne erection ot a monument to toe memory oflhe and introduced into this Territory, since the Siaushter Bean.

B. F. Coon and rcnnwocp oi rails, noticejiw oeeti given the execution of the work is offered for their praying for reasons therein stated dateol saul Urders o. Hi; all oi wljicii was done as a measure of War and under the law? jury to be hereaf- i. rl, n.T-.-;nn on ineawarn oi a 'tompletinn on the awaref of a No.

iandS. ofOrder No. 10, issued from these "Ppninted. Tlie decision is to be made upon 30.00 of Nations. In proof of which.

I quote from Languages and Mathematics, -Santa Fe, N. Aug ist 24, 1848. Head Quarters. Feb. ot.

ISW. ha, considered ro.oe -anonai a letter Irom the War Department to Col. Sterling Price of June Ilth. 1847. (F.Ntract.) The temporary Civil Government of New Mexico, results from the conquest of the the same, and in order to give time to receive hool ol the I- Arts by the 1st ol Decem-instructions from Washington City, to prevent n- 1 he monument is to ofastat-damage to the merchants interested, and at the tlle time to guard the interests ofth Fnite.1 i Wlt.h fowwgm- country.

It does not derive its powers di ai-i ipttuita T7ic good shfjUterdgire hit life for ttr Jtock. May my blotyl bt the last that it shed. The new Archbishop, M. Sibour. is 65 years of THE Copartnership heretofore existing between Eugene Leitensdoi fer and Joab Howjhton, trading in New Mexico under the style" of E.

Leitensdorfer has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. The busf-ness will be carried on in the same house by E. Leitensdorfer. All those indebted to the late firm will be required to make immediate payment to E. Leitensdorfer, agent for late firm of fiLeitensdorfer and all having claims the same for payment.

E. LEITENSDORFER. JOAB HOUliHTON. redly from the lavs of Congress or the desires: That Charles Blumner. stitution of the United States, and the Presi-: Treasurer of the Territory, and Ex-Offc'io Col- dent cannot in any other capacity than that of; octor of duties, take no action, by smit or other- Commander-in-Chief, exercise any control to collect any bonds now in his possess- over it." 1 ion.

or which tr.av liereafter come into his po3- Now, in fieneral Orders, No. 35, dated from iPiion bv virtue of Order No. 10, frcm these the War Department, Adjutant General's Head Quarters but that be keep them in his Washington, July fi. 1W. is published the Pre-; p0.eioh for the United States, subject to 1 i .1...

i age. His precondition is to lace place at Rome sooner than was anticipated. siiiem ii --tut iio. ito jniure ortcrs. i i i r1 Tr.i:r.c3APirtc GAstiNG.

The New Or-leairs Delta gives an account of a victim of gambling-house of that city, who eettinc into Signed. 184S. n43-4t B. L. BEALL, Santa Fe, Sept.

21, guidance ui iiir me preamuje oi which, is in the following words I "Whereas, a Treaty of Peace. Limits and Settlement, between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic. I Mai. 1st Dragoons -rage nt his bad luck, knocked over the table anil Comicandir. 9tii Military Depatment.

I discovered divers wires, by means of which m- was concluded and signed at the City of Giu- S3 Being about to leave for I have appointed J'. Houglitpn my agent and attorney to transact all business of the late firm of Leitensdorfer Co my present commercial concerns. E. LEITENSDORFER. Seanta Fe, 1848.

the nlaycr in order to' enable him to plunder his Tr.ot'iiLE is Si. Louis. A difficulty has a- ivictiaimore effectualhr. iklune. Hidalgo, on the second day of Febru-' rv.

i-i wnicn reaiv. ice." rrnm wnicn. ueiween ine ciiy oi st. iotus awi jit appears that the time of the promulgation of State of Illinois, relative to some projected im-1 Won't be Americans The Vara'Crnz Ar-- Paiating, Paper-Hangiug, draining, BY B. BOONE, Orders -o.

m. a Ireatyol I'eace existed lie-. firovements upon tlie river, tne city was go-: co Iris thus notices the abandonment by its the I'nited States and the Republic of iug on with the improvements, an injection by habitants ofa portion of lb country ceded to and therefore, that no authority exist- the State of Illinois was put upon th'-m to stay the U. States. I I etl for the President or nnv nne nmli-r htm.

to Tiroceedinifs. it was disregarded, and the sheriff 1 TV. ATaviiti inK4Ktnf fhia "QErfJAMIN BOOE respccfully Jay and collect duties under the law ef of St. Clair brought over hs big guns to scare p0rtion of the State offamaulipas, ceded by Ii the Citizens and Merchants of Santa ai farther ansearinsr that New Mexico was them off. A parley was tfcen had.

and a public the traatv nf rice to be If. Statec. have, a that he has commenced the above mentioned at the time an integral portion of the LT. States, metting, and it was rcsofcd to attack the citi-', lnrjre portion of (hem, 'passed over to the right rt i t. i i i i l.

existed in of St. Louis with less bt siness. E3 Please patronize. antaFc 184 rity any Department of Mejiens arguments powerful bank of ijke Rio Bra fcavejliven to their ii to lay any 'ax frr duty on more convinc'ine. settWqqMtahc name rif 5w 1 liorfrnticn.

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