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The Santa Fe Republican from Santa Fe, New Mexico • Page 1

The Santa Fe Republican from Santa Fe, New Mexico • Page 1

Santa Fe, New Mexico
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HoveyJ Jl i TES3S OF THIS PAPER. The second Volume of the Republican will be pubished Tri-Konlhly, and issued to MISSOURI BAR, BILLIARD SALOON. TO TIIE PUBLIC ilUexicans wfcre driven into the city of Mexic 7 IRE Undersigned, would respctfiilly iiforra fwith the lossf of 6,000 men," and after snort the inhabitants of Santa Fe, and" vicinity mitice. the Americans with further i ein-tUat the have taker, the store formerly octupi-1 forceincnt entered the city by stormon the 13th Johr. Seoliyy where they will I of Sepre'inler with the loss of about one fourth shortly open a large and splendid assortmeU of I their whole number, in killed and wounded, staple rud fancy goods of every description, in- the 7th, the American-troops under' cliidinir Dry Goods Groceries Hanhviir Gen.

Price surWenly appeared in Chihuahua, and to our subscribers (once in every ten days) tbe low price of 9SVEN DOLLARS" If R.7. CMOOJiT, would wspectiullyjn-ill form his old friends and customers, that Tear, or three dollars and fifty cents for months two dollars for three months to be he is still at his old stand wiiere lie wui oe reauj to-serve all persons who may favor him with a Queens were. Hats and Cans. Boots and Sihccs I the Mexican troops under deu. Iriasnedand fortified themselves in the town of Santa Cruz fic.

wnicn win re soul at waotesaie or call, in Hie very nest sxyte. lie wouiu jusi sa to the officers of the army merchants and citi where they were besieged on the Stb, and their town taken by storm oi the 16th of March. tail on as lavcrabte terms as at any other noi in this city. Please sive us jk call. It is.

zens, that he will wa't upon them at all hours, trouble to show eoods. and in a manner that will, as Be (rusts, oe satis WEBB- DOAN. factory to all. IV. H.

Thi subscriber having made proper vSanta.Fe, June 8, I84S. n3(l-tf arrangements, has opened a boarding house and s3Mpre ja printed in apanisn and English payments invariably in advance. No subscription for a leu time than three months. papers will be forwarded until the subscription is paid. Arrangements are now made so as to forward our paperf to any part of the Territory, immediately after publication withoutfail.

Subscripts will please forward their names and residence as soon as possible. Persons living in the city wiil have their papers left at their residence if desired. Office oh the North-East corner of the Plaza, next door to the Quartermaster's Office. Single Comes, twenty-five cents. ADVERTISEMENTS.

All Advertisements will be inserted at the rate of $1 50 per Square of Ten Li.ves or less tor one insertion, and $1 00 for each continu- is now auic io accommociaie ins incH'ia customers with good board, and on terms at reasonable as any other house in this city, and intosgobd a equal, iFnot better ae- The sext op th UsrirstV Si atse. Thc'eyes of a great portion of the po-Iticians of tbe United States are turned oa Geai Z. Taylor for that office. While thousands of Whigs keep theirs' steadily fixed on their 'great popular feader Henry Clay. He has lately via-itedthe great cities and received ample den strations from them of tbe steadfastness of their first love.

It is yet problematical who will command the great body of the The Democrats are sileittlv waiting the troubling of the pool, when fwitlfa mighty stride they will step in. comniouauons. v. Santa Fe. June 8.

1848. n20-tf Sew. aud Cheap DALLAM FINDLAY, AT k. Dallam Findlav's 300 do'z. Cordovanes, 4 doz.

fine southern blaqketa, 15 doz armas tie pelo r-: 200 bridle bits and spun, 32 doz. mule ropes, 2 saddles, 400 yds. oil cloth, 7 doz. silk sashes, 4 doz. ladie's silk hose, I bale English red cloth for uniforms, 2000 lbs.

southern tallow. Santa Fe, June 5, ife-io. n30-2t Ktnicii WOULD Say to the public, that they are now in possession of a complete stock of A short but comprehensive prayer (iOOflS, consisting III pariui iMcttiu-uiiu brown domestic's, drills, blue, bleached and printed casinets, casimeres and cloths, shoes, hosiery, cicars and liouors of every variety. made by a Scotchman as follows Keen mv niirse fram the lawyers and BIT BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. body from the doctor and tay foul froa the Book It Job Printing will be executed at this allot which tney are anxious 10 sen on ine most accommodating terms.

They are likewise in receipt of a large stock of goods from Devil." He coold'nt have asked for more in feirer SINGLE Copies of the Santa Fe Repnhli-cah, wiil in future, be sold at twentv-five Umce in a neat style, anil at low races. ADVERTISEMENTS. words. cents per copy. the SO'ith, embracing svery article ot Mexican production.

Purchasers will please give ihem a call. Santa Fe, May 5, 184S. 30-tf War In Croaicie of Events of the Goods. Mexico in 1347, '43. Pocket Frtior Rocks.

A young -jtaaof Somerset, by tbe name of Gibbs, having been jilted bv his sweetheart, tied a heavy si one to his neck, another to his feet, filled hit pocket with stones, and jumped into the Taunton River. A great revoluti'm has taken place ia. Praiiee, and the 'Royal Family have taken icfuge in AT THE well known Wholesale and retail Store of E. Leitensdorfer. will be January 8th.

1847. the Mexican Conzress au rereived in all the comin? weeks, one of the thorized the raising of 15 millions of dollars on Mortgage, or sale of the property of tbe cler- largest and best assort ments of goods for sale in New Mexico. Prints of every January 8. 9. Gen.

Kearney defeated General U. S. HOTEL SJIXCA FE, N. M. THE Undersigned having Ivased the above ik ue.

situated oa tlic South side 1-1 iia, baviug thoroughly repaired and renovated the same, is now prepared to accommodate boarders, or persons visiting Santa Fe, in as if not a better style ihan any other house in in.s cilys They are well supplied with beds, and large and ventilated rooms. The table has that the market will afford. The ''tar (us liie'nest of liquors of every kiud, and al-asja ice house, the only one in the city. At- Flnren at San Gabriel and Mase. with the loss quality domestic cloths casimeres casinets Merinoes Silks hard ware- crockery and tin ware 4tc.

Also, wines and li of one killed and 13 nreDari'iz I of; soldiers, no, age ever beheld auch augbty Jan.14.Gov. Bent and others murdered in New Mexico. linirc (3it Mainrn llnl.inH. Gainesand Clay. beligerent preparations as toe present.

most perfect tranquility prevails be with SOanen, surprised atlncaroaibn, by Gen. quors, sugars anu leas, jonacco anu cigars u. the best quality, oysters, sardines.pickles, sugar coffee and every variety of groceries. a large amount of tbe above stock to Chjfmahua, the snbscribeis in-vite their old friends and customers to call iin-mediatelv. Co.

Minnn. t' Col. Price with 400 MiJIouri Volnnteets and Reenlars. defeated loOOfMexieans and Pueblo tween the U. S.

Troops and the peoole of Chihuahua, both citizens and soldiers seem to enjoy the felicity, and use all means in their power to promole it. Fandangoes and other amusements prevail. let! IO. UJC ilOUse IS A spisnu.u jiliwc.uu. correll for animanls, and the ouiyoueiu viciiUty of Santa Fe.

Indians at Canado, NewWexiro. January 29th. at the pass of Embddo another Santa Fe. Mav 5, 184S. n30tl B.

No pains will be spared to accommo-and please those who may.favor. them with baffle was fought in which Col. Price was again. "sen, 43ood grazing for ail kinds of stock, ,11. HUA1PHKEV COULTER.

In the V. States, all are waitins with the u30-tl victorious. Feb. 3d. Col.

Price again meets'the enemy's force of 15.00 or 2000 at the Pueblo de Taos, in one of the strongest fortifications in the country -'IP the very low price of ONE DOLLAR 30 VOTICE is hereby-given that the undersign ed is now prepared to take in any amount most intense anxiety the return of their soldiery who in long marches and bloody fields have so highly. burnished the stars of their country, but none more than. those of Illinois and Missouri, for whom rich boquets are preparing. MISSOURI HOUSE February 4h. Col.

Price makes his second of stock to feedj at the very low price of one i attaefcnpoh the Pueblo de Taos, sunset, was in full possession of the town, the loss of the American was eleven killed, and several wonnded. that of the enemy was over two hun The widows of Beriiamin Rush dollar and titty cents per montli, a nead, lor any kind of stock. tie would also inform the public that his pastures and grazing grounds are large, and sup Judge Chase, ami Klbrige Gerry, signerof tbe AND BILLIARD SAIjOOH. ABEL fc DUVALL, lately, on Main Street, in this city, opened their-HOTi, return their thanks io the public, lor the very generous manner in which they have been pat-rniiized. and solict a coiitinu.cire of public fa-i The union of a BOARDISG-HOVSE.

dred killed, and a large number 'wounded and missing. Feh 22d. the Mexican force? Lumbering 20- plied wnn goou watering irivutr, inu uic hei.t quality" of grass, anil a plenty of it. No 4k Declaration of Independence of the U. States, are still living.

KT Tlie' Tevoit' steamer from Mexico! took 000 appeared before the lines of Gen. Taylor at pains win lie in ditciiuiiiE uar siux. that should be entrusted to his care. He bas many hands, and they are all well armed so as to defend the stock from She Indians. out $12s i)W in specie, to Europe, ana ine i rJnena vijtacommanueu uy yoi auia ni.

and a ianmiinarv battle was fouzht, on the With a bar richly ami Iiixriantly supplied, offers i. irrestest induceHW to those who wish to er uetoic tier Jbbwxw. 23d in which tfie Mexicans were defeated with. h. rarest and best served dishes of the sea- N.

B. He holds himself responsible Tor all stock entrusted to his keeping, fdeath and ac tThe victims to the diseases of the climate the loss 6,000 men: Ihe American torce was mos tlrvolunteerF. and numbered 4,759. since last April in Vera Cruz will not fall short cident excepted) unless it should be run offby ton, and to'driiik of the cliicest liquors, to call an I try for themselves. n.rra.hmeiits of every variety may always he Their loss was 2o7 killed, 45 wounded, 23 oftWeIve hundred he Indians, of which there is little or no dan- or.

as he is well provided with arms and hurd- bat 1 he bar. In connexion with the HOTEL ers and he has large and commodious corralls kretw) superior BILLIARD TABLES. Ha mi1. Habit is a strange thing. It is the adoption and continuation of certain kinds of a A for them at niirht if necessary.

missing anil as otneers were khicu. Feb. 28th, the Missouri A olunteers number-inc 924 under Col. Doniphon, with pieces of raniion attacked the entrenchcd.position of Gen. Heredia with 4000 Mexicans and 10 pieces cf i-annniint the pass of Sacramento, takine all l3To Merchant Traders and Visitor' to Svita Fe.

we would i'lsl sav that we are now All persons ivishins their stock to be sent actions until tney necome easy ana natural out immediately, ill please call on Mr. James But the power otbabit is still more strange. Giddings, who will receive tnem anu sena inem Look at it. It often counteracts the. most sin i able to give the best of accommodations both for man mil bea4.

By strict attention to business. We mean to their artillery and baggage, with the loss of one killed and eight wounded. March 29th, the City and castle of era Cruz surrendered to the American forces, under Gen. cere determination. If constrain many to break the most sacred vow.

With Herculean energy it contends with the resolution of tbeaightiest minds, and never will relinquish its tenacious grip while there is the least hope of yictory. leave no room for comoiamt. ABELL DUVALL Santa Fe, May 29, 1S4S. i to the grazing camp. The subscribers pastures are only twenty or thirty miles from this city, in the vicinity, of Gaiistio.

MANUEL CHAVIS. References, Hon. Joab Houghton, Chas. Blutnner, O. P.

Hovey, Duvall Win. S.Smith, J. M. Gii'iliiigs. anifall the Americans who have lived in Santa Fe any length of time.

Santa Fe, May 30, 18 18. i.29-tf Scott aim yom. rerrj. April 2d, the town of Alvarado surrendered to Lieutenant Hunter commanding the steamer I (i rtlll D0LI-'AR3 pf assorted Ojlif from the Fairs 1 Sail Juan and iiuadalaiarv. It saves our lives, mounts lishes our ieput? ions, controls our feelings and determines onr.destinies.

See, then, what upon tire habits you eontracC How prudent should We be in choosing at first cause of action. Do you hear, young man? Your fortune, destiny, young man, as a eitruev as an immortal being, depends upon the habits TAKE XOTItE. Cii! at 1he ho'iso oi'lloughton Folger, anil KiPrillv. Il2lit Scourcc, after burning all the shipping in port, spiking and hiding all their cannon. April 18th.

General Scott with Ameri-cans, attacke'd Gen. Santa Anna in his fortified position on the heights of Cerra Gordo, with 12,000 Mexicans, taking bis artillery, baggage, five Generals and-- three thousand men. Tbe loss of the Americans was 2050 killed and wounded. August 20th, tlfc Mexican works at Contreras 'carried bv the American troops under Gen. Sot ice.

DOCroK HOPE. syou prefer now. 1 LL the Importers of Goods, who take the direct road to Rio Abajo, from this point, are required to present their invoices, and authenticate them according to law, to Sub. Collector, Henry J. Cuniffc, at San Miguel del Ba-do, before allowing their wagons to proceed.

Saata Fe, N. M. CHARLES BLUMNER,, begs leave to otTer.las proiessional atil4S to thf (ifl7ltQ nC tha nA it a vlfin. ty The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin says that public contribution from citizens of Philadelphia citv and county, in akl of the raftering poor of Ireiecd. amounted to nearly "MOO of itMl llAIlM llV gnnliff.liAn 4a k.irin...

ltjhe .11 i thi Smith. They then fell back to Chcrubusco when a severe battle was fought in which 30,000 wnen-a severe imiuc hope: toitain iibed to qiwi 'Ut Ltfiuuisuu; VI Mil WUlf Uil Mar 18, 1848. Collector for the Territory ipauonizenun. Mexicans and Americans participated, the conara. tf of New Mexico.

June mv. nsn-U.

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